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Upcoming features

Throughout time, we'll be working hard to provide additional features within the Beam accounts API or related products (like the Beam marketplace).

As we are working with multiple game development studios in order to ensure the success of Beam and the integration of it within the developers their games, we will shift more granular priorities throughout time as we see fit to ensure partners success. Therefore, the roadmap serves as a set of handlebars - not an exact promise.


Feel like something is missing, and needs to be prioritized? Let's have a chat through

2024 and beyond

  • On-chain event subscriptions through Queues
    1. Allowing game devs to listen to on-chain actions taken by users outside of the game developers control
    2. Allowing game devs to be aware of transactions being completed without having to implement polling
  • A Beam provided identity solution
    1. Allowing game devs to implement 'Log-in with Beam' without them having to implement their own authentication solution
    2. Log-in works through scanning a QR code generated through the Beam sdk, scanned by the user within the Beam companion app
  • A companion app feature called Beam Vaults, which will be a self-custodial solution for users to interact with their assets