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Buying assets

Buying a listed item

If a user shows interest in a listing for sale by another profile, it's possible to buy the listed asset with a profile by simply calling the buyListedAsset method. Note that in order to actually buy the asset, the buyer-profile needs to be funded with enough BEAM based on the listing price set by the seller profile.

const response = await beam.marketplaceV2.buyListedAssetV2('buyer-profile-id', 'order-id-to-fulfill' {
    quantity: 1 // the amount of NFTs to buy, only relevant for ERC-1155 based tokens, defaults to 1
// {
//   "status": "success",
//   "transactionHash": '0x71f3f259568e9875c41a4350a3912a3a7650d9321ccd1d57641241128b4e504f',
//   "explorerUrl": ""
// }