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Managing your game
Updating game

Updating your game

Some of the fields for your game's registration are being used in the Beam companion app. You can update through the updateGame method that's available on any of our SDK's or by directly communicating with our RESTful API

Companion app

If you're using the Beam Companion app, it might be good to know that as soon as you change the name or visuals of your game, all connected users to profiles of your game are able to see these changes in the Beam Companion app.

Updating your game

Updating your game is as simple as calling the updateGame method.

import { Beam } from "@onbeam/automation-api-client";
const beam = new Beam("x-api-key");
  name: "Your game's name",
  description: "Lorem ipsum dolor...",
  coverImageUrl: "https://..",
  logoImageUrl: "https://..",
  backgroundImageUrl: "https://..",