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Creating Games

Creating games

When your game has more than one collection related to it on Sphere, it can make sense to create a game overview page to create an overview where users can find all your collections. This game overview page can be customized in the same way as the collection page, but will serve as a landing page for your game.

Creating a game overview page

At this moment in time you can not create a game overview page yourself. If you want to create a game overview page, please request this through the Partner Success Manager or Business Development Lead you're in contact with. You can simply provide them with the following information:

  • The chain you want to create the game overview page on
  • The website slug you want to use for the game overview page
  • Your wallet address

After we've created the game for you, you'll see it pop up on your account under the 'Games' tab. You can then customize the game overview page in the same way as you would customize a collection page.