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Profile paid transactions

Profile-paid transactions

An alternative to the default of sponsoring transactions, is to make the Profile pay for a transaction. This requires the profile to have enough BEAM in its possession to pay for gas fees needed to handle the network transaction. This generally comes down to a very small amount of BEAM, but if you never distributed any BEAM to the Profiles that you've created, there's a big chance that none of the profiles actually have the required BEAM in place.

In order to mitigate that, you could go different directions. Which is viable to you and your userbase completely depends on your context.

  1. You could tell your users to increase their in-game account BEAM funding by asking them to send BEAM to it (which we do not consider a good experience for the user)
  2. You could buy BEAM and distribute it to your in-game profiles through a treasury profile

How to make the profile pay for its transaction?

In order to make a profile pay for its own transaction, the only thing you need to do is provide a sponsor: false option when running a transaction. The sponsor option is something we've built into every method that triggers an on-chain transaction.

Take into account that if the Profile doesn't actually have the necessary BEAM funded, the sdk method will throw.

Below you will find an example how this would look like when managing assets in a Profile

const transaction = await beam.assetsV2.transferAssetV2("your-sender-id", {
  assets: [
    receiverEntityId: "your-receiver-id",
    assetAddress: "your-contract-address",
    assetId: "73",
    amountToTransfer: 1,
  // ...
  sponsor: false, // 👈 This handles the transaction to be self paid
// {
//   "status": "success",
//   "type": "custodial",
//   "transactionHash": '0x71f3f259568e9875c41a4350a3912a3a7650d9321ccd1d57641241128b4e504f',
//   "explorerUrl": ""
// }

Alternative methods of handling transactions