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Publish collections

Publishing your collection

Make your collection stand out on Sphere by adding your personal touch and creating a branded collection page. Before you get started, just follow a few simple steps:

Mint a token

You'll need to mint at least one token for your collection to be displayed on Sphere. Once you've done that, our system will pick up your collection automatically. After minting at least one token you can check out your collection page at:


Become a creator

To edit your collection, you need to become a recognized creator on Sphere. Get flagged as a creator by one of our admins (decide which wallet address you would want to use for this and request this through the Partner Success Manager or Business Development Lead you're in contact with), and you'll have the power to edit the collections you've created.

Make sure to sign up to Sphere with your desired wallet address before requesting to become a creator.


This step needs to be taken for every new collection. Even if you're already a creator on Sphere.

Edit your collection

Once you've completed the first two steps, find your collections on the Collections tab of your Sphere account (that matches the wallet address you've sent to our admins). Click on the Customize Collection button, and easily make changes using the collection editor.

Minimum requirements

There are a few required fields that need to be filled in before your collection can be published. You'll need to have assets for them before you can publish your collection. These are:

  • Name
  • Description: Max 200 characters for cards, 600 for pages.
  • Logo: Minimum dimensions of 120 x 120 pixels.
  • Thumbnail: Minimum dimensions of 450 x 320 pixels.
  • Header Logo: Minimum height of 200 pixels.
  • Header Background: Dimensions of 3840 x 2160 pixels.