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Introduction to Transactions

Through Profiles, you were able to create a bunch of in-game accounts for your users and your own utility purposes. We've also explained how these in-game accounts can be funded with assets through minting - but before we dive into managing those assets within the profiles, it's good to have a general understanding about transactions.

Within the context of our SDK, a transaction is a transfer of assets from one profile to another - but since our underlying technology is blockchain, a transaction can also simply be explained as any on-chain transaction happening for your profiles (which are account abstractions).

Transactions and gas

Generally speaking, for every transaction that you make on Beam, a very tiny amount of BEAM is being used to handle that transaction. This also means that every transaction you make through our sdk will cost a fraction of BEAM - it's up to you to decide whenever that BEAM will be sponsored by you, by the Profile for which you make the transaction - or through creating a custom charge policy that charges the user an in-game token to handle the transaction. What is best for you and your users completely depends on what type of game you're making. Below you will find a couple of options we provide through the sdk for you to chose from - and you can go a different direction with every transaction you make as you please.

It's worth noting, that Profile creation does not cost any gas initially. The on-chain account abstraction will actually be deployed during first transaction for that profile. This will cause the initial transaction expenditure to be double the amount of a 'normal' transaction.

Getting started with transactions