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Getting started

Getting started

To get started, obtain your API key for Beam by requesting it through Then, read about how to make requests using our HTTP API or dedicated server side SDKs.

Step 1 - Let's have a chat!

The first step to get started the Beam integration in your game, is to have your existing assets bridged or your new asset contracts deployed on Beam.

If you would like advice or need help finding a strategy that suits your needs, please contact us at - we can provide help with bridging existing assets through LayerZero (opens in a new tab) or providing you with complete and audited contracts to get your in-game assets going.

Step 2 - Provide us with the asset contract details

Once the asset contracts are deployed, we're able to index them from Beam and exposing them through this API.

Step 3 - Obtain your API key

Obtain your API key. If you haven't received any API key yet, please contact

Step 4 - Pick an implementation strategy

Pick an implementation strategy. You can either connect to the HTTP API directly, or use one of our provided SDKs (opens in a new tab). We currently provide a Node.js (Typescript) (opens in a new tab) and C# (RestSharp) (opens in a new tab) SDK, but are happy to provide you with a client based on whatever language you need to support

Step 5 - Implement Beam

Implement Beam in your backend. Get started with one of our guides or choose a strategy of your own. We recommend you to get familiar with the terminology in Beam, starting with Profiles.


Please be aware the services described in this documentation are bound to change in the future.