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Sponsored transactions

Sponsoring transactions

By default, all transactions are sponsored by you. Sponsoring transactions means that the in-game accounts don't need to have any BEAM registered in their wallet in order for you to move funds from A-to-B.

Why are transactions sponsored by default?

We think this default is sensible, as it's you as the game developer are in control of when a transaction happens. We consider it your responsibility as a game developer to create a viable economic model where sponsored and self-paid transactions (through BEAM or custom charges) go hand in hand to create the best experience for the gamer.

To paint a clearer picture on how this looks like, below you'll find a transaction which is sponsored

const transaction = await beam.assetsV2.transferAssetV2("your-sender-id", {
  assets: [
    receiverEntityId: "your-receiver-id",
    assetAddress: "your-contract-address",
    assetId: "73",
    amountToTransfer: 1,
  // ...
  sponsor: true, // 👈 true is also the default.
// {
//   "status": "success",
//   "type": "custodial",
//   "transactionHash": '0x71f3f259568e9875c41a4350a3912a3a7650d9321ccd1d57641241128b4e504f',
//   "explorerUrl": ""
// }

Alternative methods of handling transactionHash

  • Profile-paid transactions: Learn about how to make a profile pay for it's own transactions through BEAM
  • Custom charges: A guide to managing and updating your game's assets and details within Beam.