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Beam Validator

Developer Preview Mode


In the developer preview mode, Beam operates under a reputation-based consensus method termed Proof of Authority (PoA). Later this year, we plan to switch the consensus method from Proof of Authority (PoA) to Proof of Stake (PoS). This step is irreversible and hasn't been done on AVAX before, hence our deliberate approach. You can read more about some of the considerations in this article (opens in a new tab).

The switch to Proof of Stake will allow everyone to participate as a validator or delegator. To be notified first about this switch, follow our Twitter account @BuildOnBeam (opens in a new tab).

Running a Beam Validator

To operate as a Beam validator, ensure you fulfill all necessary requirements and have a functioning Beam node in place. Remember, by validating on the Beam network, you are also validating the AVAX C-Chain.

Useful Tools