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Beam API

To interact with the Beam network, we offer you a powerful API accessible via HTTP or through dedicated server-side SDKs. Currently, SDKs are available for Node.js (TypeScript) and C# (RestSharp). If you are looking for support in another language, please contact us.

To learn more about the Beam API, please see the dedicated Beam API docs, which include guides, references, and examples.

Beam Subnet-EVM API

The Subnet-EVM APIs mirror the Coreth (opens in a new tab) APIs with one exception - Avalanche Specific APIs, identifiable by the 'avax.' prefix. In addition, Subnet-EVM supports standard Ethereum APIs, increasing its applicability. For in-depth information about Coreth APIs, please refer here (opens in a new tab).

Moreover, Subnet-EVM introduces unique APIs not present in Coreth:

  • eth_feeConfig: Subnet-EVM comes with an API request for getting fee config at a specific block. You can use this API to check your activated fee config. (Details (opens in a new tab))

  • eth_getChainConfig: eth_getChainConfig returns the Chain Config of the blockchain. This API is enabled by default with internal-blockchain namespace. (Details (opens in a new tab))

  • eth_getActivePrecompilesAt: eth_getActivePrecompilesAt returns activated precompiles at a specific timestamp. If no timestamp is provided it returns the latest block timestamp. This API is enabled by default with internal-blockchain namespace. (Details (opens in a new tab))

JSON-RPC Endpoint

To interact with the Beam EVM via the JSON-RPC endpoint:


Where blockchainID is the ID of the blockchain running the EVM. Find the correct blockchain ID here for Mainnet or Testnet.

Example Call

curl -X POST --data '{
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "eth_feeConfig",
"params": [
"id": 1
}' -H 'content-type:application/json;'

This calls the function eth_feeConfig for the Beam Mainnet (Blockchain ID 2tmrrBo1Lgt1mzzvPSFt73kkQKFas5d1AP88tv9cicwoFp8BSn).

APIs Overview

Beam's API overview. Find a variety of APIs each designed for a different purpose.

Beam APIBeam specific API
AvalancheGo (opens in a new tab)AvalancheGo APIs, Postman collection, public servers, and release notes
AvalancheJS (opens in a new tab)AvalancheJS APIs
Avalanche Metrics API (opens in a new tab)Avalanche Metrics API
Glacier API (opens in a new tab)High-performance API for easy access to indexed blockchain data