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Starter Guide

Beam Starter Guide

Beam is the right place for games and game developers that are looking for speed, quick settlement, security, and the open-ended possibilities that Beam unlocks. This guide will help you to get your Beam journey started.

Before you begin developing on Beam, there are several prerequisites you'll need to understand.

  • Knowledge of the Solidity programming language
  • Understanding of blockchain fundamentals
  • Grasp of smart contract basics

Once you're equipped with these, you're ready to set up your development environment. In the upcoming sections, we'll walk you through the process of getting your development toolkit ready, creating your first smart contract, testing it, and finally deploying it on the Beam network.

Beam is fully EVM-compatible, this means that building on Beam's execution layer is just like building on Ethereum in that developers can: Connect with the same wallets, deploy the same smart contract source code, use the same tooling, and more.

Building a new game or dApp on Beam?

Move your existing game or dApp to Beam

How to Access Beam?

You can access Beam through MetaMask, by defining a custom network. Go to MetaMask, log in, click the network dropdown, and select 'Custom RPC'. For Beam RPC settings, consult this guide.