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Gas Token

Gas Token

The [BEAM token( (opens in a new tab)) is the native currency used within the Beam network to pay for transactions. This concerns every single transaction that may occur on the network from simply transferring funds to deploying smart contracts.

How to get BEAM

The BEAM token originates on the Ethereum blockchain (opens in a new tab). It can be obtained from various centralized- and decentralized exchanges (opens in a new tab), and can be bridged from Ethereum to Beam (and back).

Network Fees


The following section will only be active after the developer preview mode is completed, and the network upgrade to PoS has occurred. Learn more

The gas paid for each transaction will then be divided in two categories:

Validator: Those who are validating and securing the network, and thereby ensuring its safety and performance will receive a reward in BEAM tokens in return.

Burn: Part of the transaction fee used as gas will be burned and therefore permanently find their way out of circulation causing a deflationary effect.

The precise distribution ratio between these categories remains under consideration.

Fee Configuration

  "feeConfig": {
    "gasLimit": 8000000,
    "targetBlockRate": 2,
    "minBaseFee": 1000000000000,
    "targetGas": 50000000,
    "baseFeeChangeDenominator": 72,
    "minBlockGasCost": 0,
    "maxBlockGasCost": 100000000,
    "blockGasCostStep": 10000000

These parameters collectively regulate the gas token economics within Beam, influencing fees and transaction processing on the network. To learn more details about these settings, view (opens in a new tab).