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Sphere Marketplace

Sphere is Beam’s designated marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering unique gaming Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It caters to gamers and enthusiasts looking to trade in-game assets from their preferred games—ranging from weapons, characters, and cosmetics to accounts and certificates of ownership. Designed with a seamless user experience, Sphere emphasizes the assets, enabling users to acquire their desired items swiftly.


Leverage the smart contract functionality of Sphere within your game via Beam. Discover how to integrate it here.

Explore Beam’s native marketplace at (opens in a new tab).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What networks support Sphere?

Apart from Beam, Sphere is accessible on the Immutable zkEVM network.

Are there any fees associated with Sphere transactions?

Yes, when selling an asset on Sphere, the following fees occur:

  • Trading fee: This is a standard 2% of the paid amount charged in the currency used to make the sale. Additionally, on Immutable, a 2% protocol fee is applied to each sale.
  • Royalties: This is a variable percentage that is set by the creator.
  • Gas fees: When selling an NFT, you need to approve the smart contracts to interact with your assets, the actual transaction is covered by the buyer of the NFT. Cancelling a listing on Beam also incurs gas fees. However, on the Immutable zkEVM chain, we support gasless cancellations.

When buying an asset on Sphere only the gas fees needed to be paid.

Learn more about Sphere Fees (opens in a new tab).

How does Sphere work?

Sphere operates on the Seaport Protocol, which has undergone multiple audits and currently leads the industry in terms of reliability. While it allows for customization, the protocol prioritizes security. Trusting in OpenSea, the creators of the protocol, equates to trusting the smart contracts utilized by Sphere.

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