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Verifying Contracts

Verifying Contracts


To verify a contract using the official explorer, utilize the Verifying Contracts Tool (opens in a new tab) available on

Follow these steps for verification:

  1. Choose Beam for the subnet.
  2. Input the contract address of the desired contract for verification.
  3. Select and upload all your contract files.
  4. Once every file is uploaded, initiate the verification by clicking Submit Verification.

Verifying Contracts Settings

For verifying a contract on the Beam testnet, refer to the Verifying Contracts Tool (Testnet) (opens in a new tab).

From the command line

The Beam explorer uses Sourcify (opens in a new tab) for contract verification. There are plugins and integrations for different smart contract development environments available. For more information, see the Sourcify documentation (opens in a new tab) on contract verification.


If you're using hardhat-deploy (opens in a new tab) to deploy your contracts, verification with Sourcify is supported natively. Simply run this command from your project directory to verify all deployed contracts:

hardhat --network beam sourcify

For any other Hardhat project, you could use the plugin hardhat-sourcify (opens in a new tab) and verify them one by one:

hardhat --network beam verify-sourcify --contract "MyFirstContract" --address 0x12345...
hardhat --network beam verify-sourcify --contract "MySecondContract" --address 0x23456...

For all available options, check out the plugin's documentation (opens in a new tab) or run hardhat help verify-sourcify.


Foundry (opens in a new tab) supports Sourcify out of the box.

  • To verify a contract immediately after deploying it, add the --verify --verification-provider sourcify flags to your Foundry deploy command.
  • To verify an existing, already deployed contract, run:
forge verify-contract 0x12345... MyFirstContract --chain-id 4337 --verifier sourcify


When deploying contracts with Truffle, you can install truffle-plugin-verify (opens in a new tab) and use it like this:

truffle run verify MyFirstContract MySecondContract --network beam