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Introduction to the Player API (beta)

Through our Player API implementation, you can set up self-custodial user accounts with Beam. The solution is based on self-custodial private keys and newly deployed account abstractions. Existing Automation Profiles, won't be available for use in self-custodial Player solution.

What is self custody?

Self-custody means that a private key is only controllable by the user, who can sign transactions. The private key for each user is generated in the browser when they start interacting with Sessions and Operations. When they do, they will be required to authorize with a social identity, from which a private key is generated and sharded - and securely stored.


Our self-custodial implementation is subject to change, while the basis of the implementation will remain more or less the same, we have different improvements in mind that will make the experience even better - for both you (the game developer) and the end user.

Getting started with self custody

  • Implementation: How to get started
  • Operations: An introduction to Operations
  • Sessions: An introduction to Sessions
  • Transactions: Understand how to run sponsored, self-paid and custom charge transactions.
  • Assets: Simplify in-game asset management.
  • Marketplace: List, buy and make offers on other peoples assets.
  • Exchange: Convert tokens based on configured liquidity pools.