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Sessions (beta)
Signing with sessions

How to sign with a session

Once the session is successfully created, it's authorized to sign Operations. As the game developer, you're simply able to apply the same method as was described in Processing Operations.

If a session is active for the user, the session key is still available in the local storage of the game client and the session is authorized to sign - beamClient.SignOperation() will automatically sign the Operation, without having the user ever seeing a browser.

                operationId,    // operationId from Beam API
                actionResult =>
                    if (actionResult.Status == BeamResultType.Success)
                        // you can now check for actual Status of the signing f.e.:
                        var isApproved = actionResult.Result == BeamOperationStatus.Executed;
                        var isRejected = actionResult.Result == BeamOperationStatus.Rejected;
                        // (...)
                chainId: 13337, // optional chainId, defaults to 13337
                fallbackToBrowser: true, // if true, will automatically open browser for the user to sign the operation, if there is no valid session
                secondsTimeout: 240 // timeout in seconds for getting a result of message signing from the browser, used if there was no valid session