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Player or Automation API

Player API or Automation API?

Through various iterations of the Beam API, we realised the need to expand our services with a self-custodial solution for users.

When to use the Player API?

If you're looking to implement Beam in your game, we highly recommend you to get started with our self-custody solution. We offer multiple solutions to help you use our self-custodial Player service on both the server and client sides. Since the user controls the private key that owns the account abstractions we deploy, there is no doubt about who owns the asset - the gamer.

  • Implementation: How to get started
  • Operations: An introduction to Operations
  • Sessions: An introduction to Sessions
  • Transactions: Understand how to run sponsored, self-paid and custom charge transactions.
  • Assets: Simplify in-game asset management.
  • Marketplace: List, buy, and make offers on other people's assets.
  • Exchange: Convert tokens based on configured liquidity pools.

When to use the Automation API?

While the self-custodial Player solution offers everything needed to get you going, you might be interested in a programmatic solution for various back-end purposes. For example: if you're looking to create a programmatic minter which you can control through one of our clients, the managed Automation service is the one you're looking for.

  • Profiles: Understand the role of Profiles as your players' on-chain inventories and more.
  • Policies: Understand and create policies.
  • Trading: Trade assets and tokens between two profiles securely.