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Operations (beta)
Processing operations

How to process Operations

After you created an Operation, the operation needs to be signed for. You could handle this in various ways, but we do recommend using our provided SDKs.

Our web identity platform and SDKs will take care of Operations that require more than one transaction - for example when user has to approve a certain contract before performing an on-chain transaction using it.

Using our SDK

When using our SDK, processing an operation is as simple as providing the user entity id and the operation id. The SignOperation method will automatically open a browser or sign it with an existing Session.

                operationId,    // operationId from Beam API
                actionResult =>
                    if (actionResult.Status == BeamResultType.Success)
                        // you can now check for actual Status of the signing f.e.:
                        var isApproved = actionResult.Result == BeamOperationStatus.Executed;
                        var isRejected = actionResult.Result == BeamOperationStatus.Rejected;
                        // (...)
                chainId: 13337, // optional chainId, defaults to 13337
                fallbackToBrowser: true, // if true, will automatically open browser for the user to sign the operation, if there is no valid session
                secondsTimeout: 240 // timeout in seconds for getting a result of message signing from the browser, used if there was no valid session

Using the provided URL

As you might have seen when creating an Operation, we return a url property in the response. The url is a URL to our web interface, which the user can use in order to sign for the Operation.

Please note that if you use the web interface, we won't provide you with a proper callback about the status of the Operation. You will need to poll our API's getOperation (opens in a new tab) method periodically in order to know about status changes in the Operation based on user actions.

//  {
//    "status": "Pending",
//    "id": "clwt0h7ej000c2jckyr2nh0cv",
//    "createdAt": "2024-05-30T08:46:42.620Z",
//    "updatedAt": null,
//    "gameId": "cltr8rde601aeakka28hbtuim",
//    "userId": "clwdehitt005biwog2szib1fh",
//    "chainId": 13337,
//    "url": "",
//    "game": {
//       ...
//    },
//    "transactions": [
//       ...
//    ]
//  }