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Introduction to the Automation API

Through the Automation API, you're able to create Profiles to control assets and distribute them to your users.

What is the managed service?

The managed service in Beam is, in technical design, very similar to our self-custody solution. The key difference is that the managed services are exactly what the name says - they are managed, by us (and yourself). Through the Secret API key, you will be able to create Profiles and manage assets accordingly.


It's important to understand that the managed service and it's features are not meant to be used to control user assets. If you are looking to implement parts of our service to do that, please refer to our self-custody solution.

Getting started with self custody

  • Profiles: Understand the role of Profiles as your players' on-chain inventories and more.
  • Policies: Understanding and creating policies.
  • Trading: Trade assets and tokens between two profiles securely.