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Error codes

Learn more about error codes and how to resolve them.

Some errors will return with an error code - a short string with a brief explanation. Below you'll find reference information about each expected error.

  • generic

    This is a generic error.
  • unauthorized

    You're not authorized to take this action.
  • not-found

    The requested resource was not found.
  • already-exists

    The resource already exists.
  • invalid-regex

    The provided regular expression is invalid.
  • invalid-token

    The token is invalid.
  • invalid-signature

    The signature is invalid.
  • invalid-ip

    The IP address is invalid.
  • incoming-source-unknown

    Unknown incoming source.
  • incoming-source-missing-rules

    Incoming source is missing rules.
  • incoming-source-not-whitelisted

    Incoming source is not whitelisted.
  • db-unique-constraint-failed

    Database unique constraint failed.
  • db-health-check-failed

    Database health check failed.
  • api-missing-key

    API key is missing.
  • api-invalid-key

    API key is invalid.
  • api-insufficient-key

    Insufficient API key permissions.
  • user-not-found

    User not found.
  • user-name-already-taken

    Username is already taken.
  • users-already-friends

    Users are already friends.
  • users-are-the-same

    The users are the same.
  • user-blocked-by-other-user

    User is blocked by another user.
  • user-already-blocked

    User is already blocked.
  • user-wallet-not-found

    User wallet not found
  • user-wallet-creation-failed

    User wallet creation failed
  • user-not-registered

    User not registered
  • user-already-linked-to-the-game

    User already linked to the game
  • user-already-exists

    User already exists
  • external-id-not-found

    External ID not found.
  • external-user-unprocessable

    External user is unprocessable.
  • friend-request-already-pending

    Friend request is already pending.
  • funding-depositor-not-set

    You haven't set up a depositor yet
  • profile-could-not-be-created

    Profile could not be created.
  • profile-already-exists

    Profile already exists.
  • profile-not-found

    Profile not found.
  • profile-invalid-id

    Invalid profile ID.
  • profile-account-missing

    Profile account is missing.
  • profile-already-linked

    Profile is already linked.
  • profile-not-linked

    Profile is not linked.
  • profile-sign-in-failed

    Profile sign-in failed.
  • wallet-not-found

    Wallet not found.
  • wallet-not-custodial

    Wallet is not custodial.
  • game-could-not-be-added

    Game could not be added.
  • game-not-found

    Game not found.
  • game-missing-regeneration-key

    Game is missing regeneration key.
  • game-invalid-regeneration-key

    Invalid game regeneration key.
  • game-already-linked

    Game is already linked.
  • game-id-missing

    Game ID is missing.
  • game-already-exists

    Game already exists.
  • game-invalid-chain-id

    Invalid game chain ID.
  • game-chain-id-already-exists

    Game chain ID already exists.
  • chain-missing-config

    Chain is missing configuration.
  • contract-already-exists

    Contract already exists.
  • contract-could-not-be-created

    Contract could not be created.
  • contract-not-found

    Contract not found.
  • contract-not-registered

    Contract is not registered.
  • contract-invalid-address

    Invalid contract address.
  • contract-invalid-chain

    Invalid contract chain.
  • policy-already-exists

    Policy already exists.
  • policy-could-not-be-created

    Policy could not be created.
  • policy-not-found

    Policy not found.
  • policy-not-valid

    Policy is not valid.
  • asset-sending-to-self

    Cannot send asset to oneself.
  • asset-nft-transfer-failed

    NFT asset transfer failed.
  • asset-token-transfer-failed

    Token asset transfer failed.
  • asset-native-transfer-failed

    Native asset transfer failed.
  • asset-get-listing-failed

    Failed to get asset listing.
  • asset-listing-failed

    Asset listing failed.
  • asset-accept-offer-failed

    Asset offer acceptance failed.
  • asset-accept-offer-failed-not-an-owner

    Asset offer acceptance failed (not an owner).
  • asset-cancel-listing-failed-not-an-owner

    Asset listing cancellation failed (not an owner).
  • asset-cancel-listing-failed

    Asset listing cancellation failed.
  • asset-purchase-failed

    Asset purchase failed.
  • assets-not-found

    Assets not found.
  • asset-unprocessable

    Unprocessable asset.
  • asset-fetch-failed

    Asset fetch failed.
  • asset-invalid-balance-call

    Invalid asset balance call.
  • asset-token-balance-invalid

    Token asset balance is invalid.
  • asset-native-balance-invalid

    Native asset balance is invalid.
  • asset-token-decimals-invalid

    Token asset decimals are invalid.
  • asset-token-allowance-invalid

    Token asset allowance is invalid.
  • asset-allowance-failed

    Asset allowance failed.
  • transfer-request-could-not-be-created

    Transfer request could not be created.
  • transfer-request-could-not-be-revoked

    Transfer request could not be revoked.
  • transfer-request-could-not-be-deleted

    Transfer request could not be deleted.
  • transfer-request-not-found

    Transfer request not found.
  • transfer-request-was-not-confirmed

    Transfer request was not confirmed.
  • transfer-request-balance-insufficient

    Transfer request balance is insufficient.
  • currency-not-supported-by-chain

    Currency is not supported by the chain.
  • get-currencies-for-chain-failed

    Failed to get currencies for the chain.
  • start-date-too-far-into-future

    Start date for listing asset is too far into the future. Maximum is one week.
  • not-on-sale

    The item is not for sale.
  • block-number-invalid

    Invalid block number.
  • insufficient-asset-balance

    Insufficient asset balance.
  • insufficient-token-balance

    Insufficient token balance.
  • insufficient-native-balance

    Insufficient native balance.
  • offerer-insufficient-token-balance

    Offerer has insufficient token balance.
  • swap-invalid-token-pair

    Invalid token pair for swap.
  • swap-rate-invalid

    Invalid swap rate.
  • swap-amount-invalid

    Invalid swap amount.
  • swap-wrap-failed

    Swap wrap failed.
  • swap-failed

    Swap failed.
  • trade-invalid-token-input

    Invalid trade input.
  • trade-duplicate-input

    Duplicate trade input.
  • trade-invalid-token-amount

    Invalid trade amount.
  • trade-invalid-token-id

    Invalid trade token ID.
  • trade-native-token-in-offer

    Native token in trade offer.
  • trade-failed

    Trade failed.
  • transaction-intent-failed

    Transaction intent failed.
  • receiver-missing

    Receiver is missing.
  • failed-to-get-gas

    Failed to get gas.
  • failed-to-estimate-gas

    Failed to estimate gas.
  • admin-not-whitelisted

    E-mailaddress is not whitelisted to perform admin duties.
  • admin-missing-token

    You're not logged in.
  • reservoir-generate-set-it-failed

    Reservoir (indexer) couldn't generate a set ID.
  • depositor-not-set

    A depositor needs to be set for your game
  • session-not-found

    The session could not be found based on the ID that was passed
  • session-invalid

    The session is considered invalid
  • session-could-not-be-created

    A session couldn't be created based on the provider options
  • session-already-signed

    The session is already active and can't be signed again
  • session-signature-is-invalid

    The signature provided to confirm the session is invalid
  • session-confirmation-failed

    The confirmation of the session failed, therefore the session is still unactive
  • session-address-invalid

    The address provided is invalid
  • session-request-not-found

    The session request based on the ID passed doesn't exist
  • transaction-not-found

    The transaction could not be found based on the ID that was passed
  • transaction-signature-invalid

    The signature that was provided is invalid
  • transaction-user-hash-invalid

    The transaction hash could not be found
  • dashboard-developer-already-exists

    The developer with the e-mail address that was passed already exists
  • dashboard-owner-already-exists

    There already is an owner for this game
  • operation-not-found

    The requested Operation could not be found based on the ID that was passed
  • operation-transaction-openfort-external-id-missing

    The transaction identifier is missing
  • operation-transaction-openfort-failed

    The transaction did not get processed by the account abstractoin provider (Openfort)
  • operation-transaction-reservoir-failed

    Our marketplace could not process the order
  • operation-transaction-reservoir-typed-data-invalid

    The EIP-712 was not correctly processed
  • operation-failed-to-execute

    One (or multiple) transactions within the Operation could not be executed.
  • slack-invalid-event

    The Slack event could not be processed